Product Development & Design

Our Structural and Graphic Design Team work with customers during the product development stage to create high impact displays for retail and club settings by using a combination of services.


triPAQ, Inc. doesn’t limit itself to structural design services. We also design great graphics for packaging. Need a quick turnaround for your packaging presentation? We can design a totally new packaging concept for you, or simply adapt it from your existing art work to corrugated machinery requirements. We can recreate your existing logos to direct print onto a brown shipping container. We can even mock up some boxes with your logo, or mock up a litho laminated display for you. If you need us to simply validate printed copy against blue prints, we can do that too.

We oversee production on all the graphic components that go onto a box to ensure production continuity and accuracy. We are a completely digital company. We do digital color proofing of litho labels. Our personalized service is both convenient and affordable. We design company brochures and media art as all the graphic requirements of your packaging needs. We specialize in corrugated specific graphic design.

Our design team evaluate your packaging to see if fits your handling and marketing needs as well as it could.


Product Development:
Point of Purchase Displays
Industrial Corrugated Design
Molded Pulp
Premium Service:
Designed to specifications
Safe Storage
Aesthetic Considerations
Marketing Factors
Design Process:
Quick Turn Around
Packaging Presentations
New Design Concepts
Adapt Existing Artwork
Design Prototypes
Graphic Oversight
Production Accuracy
Calibrated Proofs
Personalized Service
Advertising Agency Service
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Product Development & Design

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