Who We Are

Packaging is about more than just a cardboard box. It entails effectively transporting and marketing your product. New-Indy Packaging is a custom corrugated packaging company with the ability to manufacture a wide range of packaging products.

Our design department creates functional packaging for use in many industries. Among these are electronics, medical devices, auto parts, furniture, educational, food and wine. Corrugated packaging can be produced using single-wall, double-wall or tri-wall corrugated board. If the design requires ISTA testing, we can put you in touch with Performance Testing Laboratories, a company which specializes in drop testing.

We can manufacture plain cardboard boxes and inserts, as well as high quality printed packaging and P.O.P displays. Corrugated displays can be designed as counter displays, free standing displays or pallet displays. The print can be as simple as poster art, or as complex as four-color process printed directly onto corrugated. In the event that you require very high end packaging for retail and promotional items, we can laminate a printed litho sheet to corrugated, die cut it and create the desired effect.

Custom crates and pallets have been a specialty of ours for years. We design and supply them to the heavy electronics and medical device industries where they are widely used. If a less heavy-duty solution is required, we can design a multi-pack, using a wooden pallet, fabricated foam inserts and a corrugated box to go over the top.

We are a high quality, experienced manufacturer with the ability to provide a diverse range of packaging to meet all of your packaging requirements.

Our facilities in Cerritos and Ontario, CA and Mexicali, B.C., give us the ability to supply from middle California, down into the Maquiladoras of Mexico.

Contact us. We can share more recycling techniques with you. Join us in preserving our Earth!

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