Certified Package Testing

Certified Packaging Testing Labs

Package Design Validation, Custom Package Testing

Since 1956, triPAQ has specialized in high-quality solutions for custom corrugated packaging, foam packaging, crates & pallets. We strive to meet the highest standard in packaging and display solutions by submitting our products to the most demanding tests in the industry. In conjunction with our partner PTL (Performance Testing Laboratories), we have the capability to perform component, environmental, vibration, and drop tests on all of our products. PTL is our established third party partner, working to ensure that our packaging meets or exceeds industry standards. They are equipped with the latest calibrated equipment and environmentally controlled chambers to extensively test our designs so that they perform beyond customer specifications.

PTL is well-known in the packaging testing industry and is a certified member of the ISTA and NMFTA and test in accordance with IoPP and Tappi. They are also a U.S. D.O.T certified agency for the testing of non-bulk hazardous materials. For all of our corrugated packaging designs, PTL will perform component checks that include ECT, Burst, Basis weight, and an array of other procedures to ensure quality control. Established in 1996, the PTL facility is equipped with instruments designed to push our packaging products to the limit. This includes random and repetitive vibration testers, environmental chambers, drop testers, incline impact tests, and compression testers that simulate real world conditions on our products. We take our testing seriously as our customers require the best protection and stability for electronics, medical devices, auto parts, furniture, food, and wine bottles.

PTL is located in an adjacent building from our California facility and allows us to coordinate design, development, and production requirements with their staff. This helps anticipate and analyze potential issues before production begins, helping to alleviate quality problems ahead of time. Not only does PTL meet ASTM standards, they have also received approval from enterprise retailers such as JC Penney, freight forwarders UPS and FedEx. In addition they are an approved testing lab for Sam’s Club, COSTCO, Walmart and Big Lots.

For more information on certified packaging testing with PTL, please contact us directly.