How We Do It

Lean Manufacturing

In order to provide more cost effective packaging, triPAQ made a decision to adopt Lean Manufacturing processes throughout the company.

We recruited a lean manufacturing consultant P Squared (P²) to help us with this continuous manufacturing improvement process because of their vast experience in our industry. This is their story:

P² is a multi disciplined team of improvement professionals with expertise in Engineering, Business, and Organizational Psychology. The P Squared (P²) team motto; Process Raised by the Power of People is evidence in all of our work. P² customers enjoy lasting profitability from holistic process improvement. This approach is effective because we improve more than the problem process; we also address the policies, procedures, and personalities that support the process. We provide assessment and design training, coaching, and accountability systems to ensure that administrative and production improvements endure.

We work in a variety of industries improving everything from Administration to Warehousing. We work with assembly lines, but our strength is in application of Lean strategies to job shops. The combined packaging industry experience of the team is over 100 years. Consequently, you may find someone who knows more about Lean, and you may find someone who knows more about packaging, but you won’t find anyone who knows more about Lean packaging.


We benchmark plants on a world class Lean production standard. It is our habit to share all the opportunities that we observe with the appropriate personnel. The assessment provides a prioritized action plan for Lean transformation of both physical and cultural aspects. The deliverables of the assessment include:

The Rapid Plant assessment, a tool developed by the University of Michigan. Overall Equipment Effectiveness calculation on key machine centers with estimated ROI for improvement. Key leverage points for the most rapid cultural improvement based on observation, industry best practices, and interviews with team members.


P² delivers public workshops and custom in-house training for all of the necessary skills for the Lean transformation of an organization. These are a few examples of public and private workshops:

  • Lean Champion Training for the packaging industry held at Clemson University.
  • Organize for success, creating a visual workplace with 7S.
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • YGWYM (you get what you measure) Overall Equipment Effectiveness and other key score cards.
  • Quick Changeover
  • Total Productive Maintenance for Operators and Maintenance personnel.
  • How to hold a Kaizen Event in Production, Sales, or Administrative.


We spend the bulk of our time showing companies how to implement Lean strategies. Most consultants Recommended and Run.  We diagnose the problem and stay to show our customers how to carry out the prescribed action plan. We are implementers of Lean. During the implementation we replace ourselves within the organization by training local personnel.


P² team members constantly gather best practices as they work with all aspects of business. Each of us has also prepared, through education and experience, to provide specialized service. We know that our success is directly tied to the success of our customers. We often coach for free, as we just can’t hold back, but more extensive coaching in groups or individual appointments are available at a contracted rate. Dr. Ellis provides leaders with specialized Executive Coaching to help them manage change and develop their skills for an accelerated Lean transformation.

For more information on certified packaging testing with PTL, please refer to the table below or contact us directly.